For 5 - 9 year olds

Weekly class, CHILDREN CAPOEIRA CLASS on the 6th of September 2017 at Wagner Hall at 4pm
Lewes rd Brighton
bn2 3hq.


Come along to join us for a fantastic session with a lot of music, games, training and most importantly have a great fun in class.

All children are invited to take part in this amazing session. Which involves songs, playing percussion instruments and training the basic Capoeira moves. and also in class, the Children will be interacting with new friends by learning from one another best moves, music skills, share, discipline and HAVE FUN.

EVERY  WEDNESDAY  4pm - 5pm!

Venue: Wagner Church Hall (St. Martins Church), Lewes Rd, Brighton BN2 3HQ

Free taster session - please contact to book!

£ 7 per session
£25 for 4 sessions to be used within a month.
Capoeira T-shirts are available £5

Many thanks and I see you there with us!


 Capoeira Kid's Class is due to run its first session in 2017 on the 11th of January Wednesday.
Thank you I see you there.




Capoeira Angola Welcome Families to dance themselves fit by playing Capoeira. 



For an energetic, musical party why not try capoeira?

We cater for children's parties at competitive rates.

Contact Boneco for more details.





Benefits for children

Capoeira is a great activity for children. Very few activities provide a combination of muisc, rhythm,language,movement and Community. Capoeira provides kids with outlet, new ways to move and also express themselves. Children can learn to enjoy physical activity and challenge each other while working together in a safe,social environment. Music in Capoeira, are in the percussion music and songs so sung in Portuguese that is the Brazilian's language.

The benefits of Capoeira for children are endless: It is a great physical activity for developing youth, It encourages children to explore the joy of being active and interactive. Children who practise Capoeira angola on regular basis, benefit from improved physical and rational abilities.

Capoeira for kids

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which has elements of a fight dance and also a complex philosophy of respect, chanllenge and resiliency to the person. Capoeira is music but also a movement of conversation between two capoeira players in the circle, focused on a ritualized fight dance in which every game is unique. So each game is based onthe player's abilities and mood. Exchanges of kicks, headbutts,strickes, acrobatics, dancing and make impression of animal's moves, that makes the game very special.